Computer vision for business purposes

Use cases for Computer Vision

Use cases for computer vision in several industries

There are a lot of uses case for Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. In this overview we give some examples for specific branches.

Every appliance has in its basic the same process that needs to be evaluated. Recognition of what is interesting for the use case (people, product, plant, etc) Then you need to measure someting, send a message or other actionable step. A next step can be recognize behavior. With products, things or plants it usually is about sizing, quality determination and in the security business preventing theft or destruction.

There are a lot more use cases possible, and different implementations of a use case. We strive to make the effort of changes ease and mostly configuration or training, in stead of programming. Do you have a use case for your business ? Let us know and we will help you implement it, if feasible

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Use case for Computer vision and healthcare


This is one of our focus areas. Fall detection and aggression detection are two examples of a wide range of possibilities.  Automate the burden of intensive patient monitoring. This can be done anonymous and with full respect of peoples privacy while improving the care one needs.  

Use case for Computer vision for manufacturing


The manufacturing industry can use Computer vision to recognize (finished) product. You can count or sort products with sufficient quality before packaging. Check security measures like hard hats, security glasses, fire or leakage.  The business cases for manufacturing and computer vision are excellent.

Usse case for computer vision in logistics


Recognizing packages, containers or vehicles is the start of further automation. For example, a safe distance can be determined for vehicles and containers to carry out further actions. An overview can also be made by continuous counting on a storage yard. Theft prevention is also possible with our product Intra, by recognizing suspicious behavior.

Use case for Computer vision for agriculture


Agriculture has a number of challenges at the same time. Stricter rules for insecticides means that plant damage caused by insects or fungi must be recognized more quickly. The sooner the better and prevents further damage. In the stock breeding industry we are active helping biological farmers. 

Use cases computer vision and security


With Computer Vision, and especially with our product Intra, we can recognize suspicious behavior. This can be aggressive behavior such as kicking or hitting, but also theft or an attempt to do so. What about left alone luggage at an airport ? We have already trained several models to get started right away.

Use cases Computer vision in the event industry


The events industry is hit hard by the Covid-19 virus. Commissioned by the Dutch department of Economic Affairs, we have developed a solution that can monitor the rules. At the moment this is done for research, but the ultimate goal is to allow more visitors. Off course that must be safe and we continue to develop Intra to ensure this. We measure fully anonymously and publicly friendly.  Once installed computer Vision can be used for adding security controls to an event.

Computer vision for government


Safety and sustainability are important government tasks. Computer vision can help to realize this in many areas. We can help police and defense with security, municipalities with illegal waste and maintaining order and make water and food safer.

use cases computer vision retail


Retailers can use computer vision in several ways. Product recommendations through lifestyle analysis. Theft detection is possible and scan and search parts for hardware stores. Or use it to detect empty shelfs.

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