A bit more about Centillien, what are we aiming for.

About Us

Artificial Intelligence software

Centillien is specialized in Artificial Intelligence software. A further specialization has been made in computer vision. The way we distinct ourselves from others is


We aim to create a safer, healthier and more productive society by letting computers see our world.  Centillien would like to make this substantial contribution to society in healthcare, safety and industry. We want to achieve technological breakthroughs in computer vision that can expand the applications of computer vision in terms of scalability, new methods and / or algorithms.

Computer Vision en Machine Learning

We gradually specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. This allows you to analyze images and video. It often starts with recognizing people, animals or things. The software then examines what someone does. With products, we measure whether it meets the quality standards. Based on this, you can make automated decisions, such as rejecting a product. Reports are provided, or immediate intervention take place in the production process. Our efforts ultimately resulted in our flagship, Intra. An example is shown below.


Giving organizations a distinctive character with intelligent software. Companies are data-driven and the amount of data will vastly increase in the coming years. Because the world makes sense through vision, the data that comes from images is invaluable. We want to contribute to obtaining that data from images. In short, software with vision.

Check out the presentation to know more about Centillien and Intra


Our strategy is aimed to fulfill our mission, we want to be thought leader in the targeted markets and make meaningful impact to society. To do that we need to achieve  substantial market penetration in all of the areas we want to make an impact. You can help us do that.