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AI and the concerns about privacy and ethics

9 December 2020

Artificial Intelligence is getting closer and closer to our daily life, although often invisible to most people. We are always reminded that this is taking place. Examples are algorithms in …



Research into effective protocols against Corona

12 November 2020

This research was conducted in the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. An art fair was organized here for young talent. The organization was in the hands of the Smart Distance Lab and funded by the Department of Economic Affairs.


Research corona

Howto detect left luggage

6 November 2020

Leaving luggage at an airport is a major security problem. Our product Intra for computer vision you can easily and reliably detect whether people


Left luggage

Department of Economic Affairs chooses Intra

28 July 2020

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate has chosen Intra. Centillien emerged as the winner in a public tender. A large number of parties participated, but we surprised them with our software.


Ministerie van Economische zaken en klimaat

How does deep learning work?

14 April 2020

Deep learning is part of Machine learning, which is again part of Artificial Intelligence. Currently machine learning is more or less equal to Artificial Intelligence. This has to do with the fact that we are not yet capable of true AI, which means that computers can really think.


deep learning

What is Artificial Intelligence ? Definition and explanation

6 August 2019

You come across the term Artificial Intelligence very often in the media, product descriptions and films. But what does it actually mean? Alan Turing, the creator of the term said …


What is AI ?

Department of Defense chooses Intra

19 January 2019

We are pleased that the Ministry of Defense has chosen Intra to detect suspicious behavior. The assignment is a …


Defense department

Object detection with Artificial Intelligence

9 June 2018

Our product for image and behavioral recognition Intra is not only capable of recognizing human behavior but also the relationship between people and things (objects).


Object detection

How quickly can Intra learn new behavior?

25 March 2018

What is Intra? Intra is an application that can recognize image and behavior through machine learning. We have developed it for security purposes with video cameras. You can easily add cameras, create notifications when something suspicious is ...


Learn new behavior

Groundbreaking and exciting product for behavioral recognition

6 February 2018

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence might be a nightmare for some. For us and many others, it's exciting and has many opportunities. Our product for image and behavior recognition called Intra started as a small idea and has proven it's u...


Behavior recognition

Where do we stand with Artificial Intelligence ?

9 December 2017

Artificial Intelligence AI is hot, not only in the IT and science community but definitely in the media world. A lot of movies and news articles deal with it and mostly inspired by fear. At Centillien we also have the necessary experience with A...


The future of AI

Why choose Centillien ?

18 November 2017

There are a lot of companies that develop software in the world. Making a choice is therefore though, but still very important. Centillien is specialized in Computer Vision and …


Software selection
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