How do I get started with artificial intelligence?



The world is much more interesting if you can make it visible and understand it. Let’s get that on the road by getting insights from a computer. 

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision are exciting technologies with many possible applications. It is a new topic and because of the complexity it is sometimes difficult to determine what is and is not feasible. What possibilities does the technology really offer and can I use it? We would like to answer these questions.

To help with this, we organize inspiration sessions. These inspiration sessions are without obligation, free of charge and aimed at the organization you work for.


In the first part of the inspiration session, we outline what is technically possible with Artificial Intelligence at the moment. Based on our experience, we highlight relevant examples that may be of interest. The second part is a joint brainstorm in which we dive deeper into the specific challenges that your organization faces. During the last part of the session, we determine the topics that are promising for further exploration.

In preparation, we would like to receive some information about the company and the opportunities and threats in your industry. You have to think about which goals are important for success and what the major challenges are. We would also like to hear who should be present at the session.

AI software for the Retail

What to expect ?

What can you expect? Concrete ideas and an approach to implement AI or image recognition at your organization. With our flagship Intra we are often able to realize a solution without any programming.

These inspiration sessions are free and a fun way to get to know each other. We immediately go into depth without any obligation. Also in the mood for inspiration? Contact us directly.

Centillien’s first national television appearance can give you some further inspiration. To bad for you it is in Dutch, but the images speak for themselves.

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